Austria is located in the center of Europe, seizing a decent part of the Eastern Alps with their fabulous valleys, mystical pine thickets and thousand-year-old glaciers. Usually, this ultra-compact, but generous country attracts three things – the charming atmosphere of imperial Vienna, glossy ski resorts and the opportunity to pamper yourself with Austrian gastronomic delights, among which confectionery masterpieces occupy a special place. In addition, there are several “additional” directions on which thousands of tourists are dispersed every season. Among them are the vineyards of Weinfirtel, thermal resorts, as well as the incredible purity and transparency of the lake, which promises a high-quality emotional reset and stunning photo sessions against the background of alpine sunsets.

Administratively, Austria is divided into 9 federal states, each of which offers its own unique attractions and popular travel locations. Well-equipped skiers and snowboarders are constantly besieging Central Tyrol with its ideal mountain skiing area and premium apre-ski. The capital of the region, Innsbruck, is also a not-so-boring corner, which managed to host the Olympic Games twice and accumulate a decent amount of architectural monuments, among which ancient churches stand out.

Those who are shocked by the prices of Tyrolean ski-passes ride the mountain trails of Salzburg. This is not only a city, but also an independent federal land. The history of the region, as well as of its administrative center, is impressive, so those who like to wander around dark castles and palace rooms will definitely like it here. And Salzburg is also a magnificent museum, alpine zoo and unforgettable Mozart. By the way, he created a musical genius, mostly in Vienna, which does not prevent enterprising countrymen from calling him the composer’s name all the time, including spherical candies.

Adjacent to Salzburg from the north, Carinthia is a mountain-lake region, where cultural festivals do not subside in the summer, and sometimes it is crowded with tourists bathing, sunbathing and climbing the forest spurs. Healing mineral and thermal springs, surrounded by quiet resort towns, add to the attractiveness of the area. Take a time-out to relax from the alpine landscapes best in Burgenland. This federal land practically lacked mountain tops, but this fact did not affect the image of the region. Instead of the Alps, Burgenland is well advertised for vineyards, wineries and multiculturalism in the air – the land borders Hungary, a part of which it used to be.

Another historical “winery” of Austria and its greenest region – Styria. It is worth tearing here because of untouched nature reserves, thermal resorts and an incredible number of ancient fortresses, castles and monasteries. In the capital of the region – Graz – it is worth staying to walk around the UNESCO-protected Old Town and visit the jazz festival. In search of medieval abbeys, infernal caves and balneological complexes, go to Upper Austria and its administrative center – Linz. In addition to the Instagram-pathetic spa tour, here you can organize a romantic weekend on the lakes of Saltskammergut.

The old museum Vienna is a route that does not lose its relevance for everyone who dreams of turning back time and breathing the air of Old Europe. Opera houses, charming coffee houses of the 19th century, dazzling palaces, reminiscent of the era of Habsburg grandeur and extravagance, as well as hundreds of no less memorable places welcome foreign guests regardless of the season.

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