Verona. Couples from all over the world come here to make a vow of fidelity to each other in the city where a boy and a girl loved and lived a short and tragic life, whose story, even through the centuries, thrills and gives a fragile hope for eternal love.

And when my future husband and I were discussing the upcoming honeymoon trip from Fano (Emilia Romagna region in Italy) to Austria in February, on the way we decided to turn at least for one day to Verona (Veneto region in Italy). So for the first time I saw the city, which left a bright mark on my soul.

Despite the early spring, Verona did not look gray and dull. We were lucky with the weather: it was very warm for this time of year. The city was flooded with sun, the bright colors of the houses on the main square of the city – Bra, delighted. Erba Square was bustling with the Saturday market. The cafes and bars were full of laughing Veronese and life was great because we had just got married.

Now I know that the best time to visit Italy in general and Verona in particular is May. The merciless Italian sun has not yet burned all life to the ground, and the city is unusually good in the halo of flowering trees and fresh spring greenery. That first time we managed to visit the most significant places in Verona, so our experience will be useful as an answer to the question: “What can be seen in Verona in one day? ”You can endlessly discover this city for yourself in more detail, returning here again and again. I invite you to walk along the lovely and cozy Verona. Let’s go for a walk around the city!