5 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

In the modern world, there are about two and a half million cities. Each of them undoubtedly has its own unique natural and cultural attractions, which is why it is very difficult to single out the most beautiful ones. However, conclusions can be drawn on the basis of an analysis of the demand of the settlement among travelers and references to it in fiction.


The most beautiful in our selection is Rome. It is often called the “monument city” due to the huge number of attractions. There are picturesque fountains, monuments, museums and churches.

Among others, a special flavor of the city is given by:

The famous Colosseum is an ancient Roman building designed for mass viewing of entertainment performances. It could accommodate 50 thousand spectators, the scale of the building is amazing!
Trevi Fountain – made in the Baroque style, it is a grandiose composition where tourists traditionally throw coins “for good luck”.
The Vatican is a conglomeration of religious buildings with its own infrastructure and unique style. Despite the fact that this is a separate state, it is located in Rome.
The Roman Forum is a complex of ancient structures that allows you to study the culture of your ancestors in depth.
The Sistine Chapel is a real monument of the Renaissance, decorated with unique frescoes.
The Pantheon is a massive building that embodies the era of ancient culture. The second name of the building is “Temple of All Gods”.
It’s amazing, but in an Italian city you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Spain. It is enough to visit the square of the same name. Unique architectural objects are located here, for example, the temple of Trinita dei Monti, as well as the “heart” of the fashionable capital – Via dei Condotti.

Cultural heritage combined with a unique romantic atmosphere, make Rome a stunningly beautiful city that you want to return to again and again!

Paris, France

To begin with, it is worth noting the most famous buildings in Paris, its “visiting cards”:

The Eiffel Tower is a 324 meters high structure made of metal. A relatively young building – it is a little over a hundred years old, however, this is the most visited place in the city.
Notre Dame Cathedral – a Gothic-style church is a masterpiece of medieval art.
The Louvre is once a royal palace, now it is a huge museum, the most visited in the world.
The Elysee Palace is the traditional residence of the French elite, now the president lives here.
For lovers of outdoor walks, the Luxembourg Gardens and the Palace, the famous Champs Elysees, the Tuileries Garden, the Bois de Boulogne, Place de la Bastille are open. Paris also has its own Disneyland – a huge amusement park that immerses you in the atmosphere of a fabulous city.

The unique French city conquers with its beauty and attracts tourists from all over the world!

Venice | Italy

Venice opens the top three most beautiful cities in the world. The Italian city is a conglomeration of 118 islands surrounded by picturesque water channels. It has no analogues in the world. This is a truly unique area with its own flavor.

St. Mark’s Cathedral is a building that represents the standard of the combination of Byzantine and Gothic styles in architecture. Built in the 9th century, it has been a symbol of luxury and wealth for many years.
The Doge’s Palace, a former administrative center, now actively receives visitors within its walls.
Ca Rezzonico – an ancient palace, today has opened its doors as the Museum of Del Settecento.
San Giorgio Maggiore is a unique island that hosts the church of the same name.
It is not surprising that the city, located in the middle of the water surface, is literally “stuffed” with picturesque bridges and “bridges”. Among the most popular among tourists, it is worth highlighting: Ponte del Accademia, Bridge of Sighs, Rialto Bridge.

The most famous water feature in Venice is the Grand Canal. It allows people to move around the central part of the city on special boats – gondolas.

Surrounded by the most beautiful water channels, the Italian city is truly unique both in terms of relief and in terms of cultural heritage, which is carefully protected here.
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Barcelona is fourth on the list. The Spanish city impresses not only with the splendor of nature, but also with a large number of attractions.

A traveler should definitely visit a local park called G├╝ell. The local architecture immerses you in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, and marvelous plants attract the eye. Unique singing fountains, at night – a truly bewitching sight!

An interesting cultural site in Barcelona is Catalonia in miniature. The park is a reduced copy of the province of the same name, recreating it in the smallest detail. Here you can feel like a real giant, because the composition is sustained in a ratio of 1 to 25 with the original. This place attracts visitors of all ages!

In Barcelona, there is the famous Ciutadella Park, which is a real outdoor museum with a total area of approximately 30 hectares.

The ancient objects of local architecture that have survived to this day also attract attention:

Gothic Quarter.
Sagrada Familia.
Spanish village.
Montjuic, Tibidabo.
Monastery of Montserrat.
Bellesguard tower.
House of Amalie.
Palace Guell.


The capital of Great Britain is located on the fifth line of the rating of the most beautiful cities. London epitomizes an understated style and is famous for its unique historical buildings.

Speaking about the beauties of the British capital, it is worth highlighting the amazing historical monuments of architecture, including:

Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen.
Big Ben is the legendary clock tower that chimes every 15 minutes.
Palace of Westminster – in the administrative building of the 19th century, meetings of Parliament are regularly held.
The Tower of London is the oldest British fortress.
Westminster Abbey is a unique Gothic church. It is noteworthy that its construction took as much as 500 years!
Among the unique modern buildings, the Mary Ax Skyscraper deserves attention. A distinctive feature of the forty-story building is the absence of corners, as well as the fact that the facade is made of glass.

London amazes with the beauty of its streets. For example, the legendary Whitehall, where the modern rhythm of the big city is in harmony with the old color. Piccadilly Circus, where the chic mansions of the English elite are located, deserves special attention.

Thus, modern Britain is an example of a combination of restraint in architectural style and the progress of urban technology.

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