Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle is a skill game based on the 2016 bottle flipping trend. Throw the bottle onto the platforms, and jump through the level to reach the checkered block that marks the finish of each level.

How do you play Flip Bottle?
In this single-button arcade game, you must flip a bottle to throw it through the living room. You can make the bottle land on the bookshelves, on top of the TV, or onto the microwave. You can make it bounce across the toasters, and slide along the tilting frames of the paintings and photographs.

Jump and double jump to make sure the bottle doesn’t fall onto the floor. Earn coins for each level you complete, and unlock more bottles via the menu. You can unlock soda cans, fizzy pop bottles, wine bottles, coffee cups, and even champagne bottles!

What is Bottle Flipping?
Flipping bottles became popular in 2016, after a video of a high school student flipping bottles at a talent show went viral. To flip a bottle, you hold it by the neck and toss the bottle into the air with a flicking motion to make it spin away from you. The aim is to make the bottle land upright.

Mastering Flip Bottle – Tips and Tricks?
Flipping the bottle in this game is easy, since it will usually land upright. Want to try bottle flipping in real life? Here are some tips: The amount of fluid in the bottle is important. The trick works best when your bottle is between 20% and 40% full, or about one-third. Bottles with an hourglass shape also help to make the skill easier to master.

When was Flip Bottle published?
The release date for this HTML5 version of the game was October 30, 2019. It was preceded by an iOS version in December 2018, and an Android version in April 2019.

Who made Flip Bottle?
This game was designed by the game developer BPTop.