Pou game are funny adventures of a small and completely helpless alien who accidentally came to our Earth and decided to stay here forever. Such games are perfect for the youngest gamers, as they are characterized by simple missions, bright and interesting graphics and cheerful music.

Pou is an analogue of the Japanese Tamagotchi, a touching and charming creature that needs constant care, feeding, washing and protection. He has a triangular shape, brown skin, a naive and trusting look, and an always smiling face. Here you can choose the genre of computer games that you prefer the most: dress up, cooking, treatment, laundry and cleaning, and even a love adventure.

Pou mini-games will allow you to develop such qualities as care, attention, excellent memory and good artistic taste. If you have the talents of a fashion stylist hidden in you, Pou will gladly become your best model. If you dream of becoming a professional dentist, Pou will fearlessly trust you with her teeth.

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