City of Vienna (Austria)
Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, located in the northeastern part of the country. This is a metropolis with a unique charm, energy and atmosphere, the historical center of which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Vienna is the cultural capital of Europe, a surprisingly romantic and open city that has preserved its colossal historical heritage. Here, among the spacious imperial squares and luxurious palaces, amazing sights, architectural monuments and masterpieces of art lurk.

Vienna is one of the most popular cities in Europe. The capital of Austria attracts gastronomic aesthetes with its culinary delights and restaurants, fashionistas with its shops, bohemians with theaters, opera, exhibitions and museums. Vienna is considered the city of music and art. Brilliant composers lived and worked here: Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss, as well as many famous artists who turned the city into a treasure trove of Europe.

Geography and climate
Vienna is located in the northeastern part of Austria at the foot of the Alps on the banks of the Danube. The river Vienna also flows here, which gave the name to the city. The capital of Austria lies on a hilly plain called the Danube. The surroundings are covered with forests, and vineyards grow on the slopes of the hills.

The climate is temperate with warm summers and mild winters. A little more than 600 mm of precipitation falls annually. The climate of Vienna is rather dry. In summer, the average temperature is about 20 degrees, in winter – about zero. With the invasion of cold eastern fronts, frosts of up to -10 degrees are possible.

Панорама Вены

Information for tourists
Population – 1 857.6 thousand people.
The area is 414.8 square kilometers.
The language is German. Although Austrian German differs from traditional German in terms of pronunciation and morphology.
Currency – euro.
Time – Central European UTC +1, summer +2.
Within the boundaries of Vienna there are 23 parks.
The main religion is Roman Catholic.
Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world. There are no slums and areas to avoid. You can walk around the capital of Austria anytime and anywhere.
Separately, it is worth mentioning high-quality drinking water, which is not inferior in quality, and sometimes even surpasses that which is sold in bottles.
Vienna has an excellent public transport system: metro and suburban trains, trams and buses. A single ticket is valid, which must be stamped at the entrance to the metro platform, tram car or bus. Tickets can be purchased at special vending machines at metro stations and tobacconists.
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