Burrito Bison

Meet the slightly forgotten Burrito Bison, he was very worried that he began to lose popularity. A frightening mask and powerful muscles no longer save the once famous wrestler, new heroes have appeared, younger and stronger. Once, after another lost duel, one of the loyal fans presented him with an ancient recipe book as a gift. If you cook the dish, observing the correct proportions, the food will add strength and endurance. The hero decided to try and went to the grocery store. Walking between the shelves in search of goods, Bison heard a scream. A woman was running towards him, and after her huge chewing bear cubs were chasing, which suddenly came to life and went berserk. They ran straight at the hero, knocked him down, took the book and sped off. Help the character get back what was stolen and save the city from the invasion of sweet sticky monsters. To do this, launch Burrito away in Burrito Bison launcha Libre.