Electron Dash

Play Electron Dash to start a journey on the space tube. You must direct your character in the game to run as far as possible while collecting hearts.

In this game, an unending race tube awaits you. You must command your astronauts and start exploring this pipeline in space, which may rotate to let you run on any of its surfaces. You will face numerous difficulties. Because of the fragile tiles, you could fall at any point. You must therefore refrain from touching them. Additionally, you can encounter deadly laser beams. In order to protect yourself, flee from them. The W key or Space bar can be used to hop over the tube’s several large gaps. To get through the traps, you should combine two keys.

To get extra turns, gather as many hearts as you can on the tube. You have the option of starting over or at the beginning. Do not miss any hearts you see on the tube if you want to run the furthest.