The article discusses the main attractions of Naples, indicates unusual excursion routes, and offers proven accommodation options. You will learn about the features of a beach holiday and the diversity of the taste palette of Neapolitan cuisine. Other important points are also revealed: shopping, transport and three ways to visit one of the fabulous cities of the country.

Naples (Naples/Napoli, Italy) is the largest city in the Southern Italy region. In the ranking of the country, it occupies the third position, second only to Rome and Milan. In terms of beauty, Naples will compete with them. The architectural appearance of the city is unique, because it has absorbed the cultural traditions of several states. Naples is built on contrasts, which is why its historic center has earned a place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This city will delight tourists:

national flavor that you will not find anywhere else in Italy;
the best pizza in the country and other achievements of traditional cuisine;
comfortable climate – sunny days and pleasant breezes;
incendiary nights when life is in full swing;
rich excursion programs;
variety of beach holidays;
picturesque panoramas.
The catchphrase “See Naples and die” was born here. Only over time it was changed to the capital of France. The Italian word napolitudine also speaks of the beauty and originality of the city – the melancholy experienced by everyone who leaves Naples.

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