Rotterdam is the capital of modern architecture. A very unusual and diverse port city.

View from the window. Usually I leave the bike at the bike rack at night, but there wasn’t anything like that nearby, so I parked it at the pole along with someone’s fix.

Ideal weight for a messleif.

We are going to explore the city. Unregulated crossing and cycle path along the embankment.

Stationless Mobike rental with a ribbon. In Rotterdam, unlike Amsterdam, there is a city rental, and not even one.

Роттердам — смесь разных масштабов. Вот у тебя старые маленькие домики, а рядом с ними современные небоскребы.

Markthol is an excellent example of modern Dutch architecture from the Dutch bureau MVRDV. This is a residential building, inside which there is a covered market. Moreover, the windows of some apartments overlook directly into the market. Nearby there is a transfer hub with metro and tram, and in the lowland there is a public bicycle parking. You extend the rail, lower it, park the bike, raise it and slide it in. Some fasten, some don’t.

There is a trendy gastromarket inside, and the entire ceiling consists of a wild pattern with protruding windows of an apartment building.

Снаружи балконы.

Пересечение велодорожки с линией трамвая. Невероятной красоты опоры и мощение.


Pete Blom’s cubic houses turn out to be on supports above the road and it all looks creepy and monstrous.


Under the station there is a bicycle parking. You can get inside by a travolator.

The city is full of modern art objects and beautiful new buildings.

Another stylish tram platform.

Parklets with tables were made in the parking space near the cafe. A wonderful technique for making the city space a little cozier and more functional.

The main bridge of Rotterdam is Erasmus.

The skyscraper De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas is a delight that fits perfectly into the port atmosphere of the city.

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